Main Goals

Fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit for the leaders of our Partner Ministries;

Effective evangelism and church planting in these Covid times;

Finance to meet the needs of orphans, widows and lepers; and

Wisdom and grace to oversee this work at a distance while regular ministry visits are impossible.

Partner with us through Prayer; things to consider

The main characteristics of our partner ministries in the Telugu speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are prayer and evangelism. All engage in a weekly or monthly night of prayer, often times with fasting, and some with periods of 3 weeks or 40 days fasting prayer, usually on a rota basis with groups praying day by day, some for 24 hour sessions.

Often there are higher numbers for the prayer night than for Sunday worship, because many work in the fields in the mornings, but are free to join in prayer at night time.

Can our prayers make a difference? Absolutely!

Firstly for the continuous anointing of the Holy Spirit on the leaders of the ministries. All ministries are dynamic in nature. In the smaller ministries, a leader will pastor several churches, or a major church with ‘branches’. In the large ministries, the leader will not only Pastor a church himself, with its own evangelistic outreach and his full pastoral responsibilities, but also be engaged in the training of the pastors of other churches, and the strategic vision of the expansion of those churches and the decisions of where to plant new churches. Pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint and guide these leaders.

The establishment of new churches which result from the continuous evangelistic outreach in the Hindu society means new buildings are needed. A church can be started in a home with three or four families, but the houses are small, and before long a building is required. Surprisingly, land is expensive, and there are rarely alternative buildings which could be used, even if Hindus will rent to Christians, which is rarely the case. Many times, a newly converted family with a large plot will give that for the building of a church. Pray that God will provide land for church buildings.

Buildings for 40 or 50 people, sitting on the floor, are largely established through the provision of the church. Larger buildings settings have often been finance by pump priming from the UK, and there are several larger buildings, generally a church and home for orphans in part construction at present, where we are in faith with the local leader for the finance to complete the building. Please pray with us for God to provide finance for buildings for the churches.

As churches become established, and being able to grow, many needy people are saved and added. Also, orphans and widows become a responsibility of the church. Outreach to street kid and leper colonies adds to church responsibilities, and in areas with no schools, the establishment of at least primary education becomes an aim. Pray that the churches meet the needs as God shows them, and that we can provide finance to support their efforts.