Overview of our Ministry in India


The ministry is specifically to the Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh of southern India, now divided into the two states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (T & AP).

Under the leadership of Alan Vincent, who before becoming the leader of The Bedmond Fellowship in 1976 had been a missionary to India, at one time being the minister of Bombay Baptist church.  By 1985, West Herts Community Church, of which Garston was a key part had invested heavily in the ministry of the Sion Fellowship, under the leadership of John Babu.

Under Alan Vincent – National & International Lectures

In the compound at Hyderabad, in addition to a church building for 400 people, a school for 600 children, accommodation for three Pastors families, was a bible school building, with a teaching area and accommodation for 20 or 30 students. Alan arranged for national and international lectures to provide a full year residential course.

Roy Young Becomes Leader of Garston Community Church in 1995

Alan moved to the USA, and others from West Herts shared in the teaching at the Sion bible school. When Roy became the leader of the re-planted Garston Church, he, with Michael Vincent and others from Garston shared in the teaching. Roy visited India twice a year. In the second year of visiting, he was able to spend afternoon’s with John Babu and caught His vision of reaching the whole of Andhra Pradesh, as it was then, with the gospel.

How the Ministry in India has developed under his leadership.

On my visits I gradually was given opportunity to visit other Sion Churches, and take house groups in Hyderabad. Early in the 2000s Garston started a website in which our interest in India was mentioned. Before long we were getting requests to visit different ministries right across India. Over a period of 3 or 4 years I took the opportunity to visit those based in Andhra Pradesh, as led, and from about 12 contacts we have built long-standing committed relationships with four of them, which have now grown to six ministries.  Others from Garston have contributed greatly to this work: Michael Vincent, Peter Ward, John Godfrey, and several others including Jane Cavill, Lisa DePeralta, Catherine McCarthy and Julie Grant.

In 1996 we started in one state, called Andhra Pradesh, of about 80 million Telugu speaking people, capital city Hyderabad. In 2017 the Indian Government divided the state into two, Telegana and Andhra Pradesh. 

The ministries with which we are in relationship currently:

  1. Prem Swaoop (God is love) Ministries
  2. Truthful Gospel Ministry Society
  3. Joyful Willing Heart Community Development Society
  4. Revival Prayer Ministries
  5. Prabhudas Ministries
  6. Peniel Prayer Ministries
  7. Light and Life Ministries