Christmas Appeal 2020

Opportunity for Christmas Blessing!

URGENT NEED for a water purifying system for the Peace Children’s Home, Kallur, Telangana. The home has 107 boys and girls, aged from 4 to 15. Mostly orphans, with some street kids rescued from Khammam railway terminus.

The water from the bore hole has become unfit for the children to drink in the past year. So, daily a water tanker to come to the site to meet their needs for drinking and food preparation. There is a need for a water purification plant to be installed on site for the long term provision of clean water. A basic system can be installed for £2,500.

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS for orphans and widows. This year has been incredibly difficult for the poor people among whom our partner ministries work. For the Tribals, who live in groups like gypsies, in tents or huts on waste land, there has been no work since the lockdown in April, and they are destitute. Likewise for those in forest areas. For the Dalits who are field workers in normal times, there has only been sporadic opportunity to work, so again many families are destitute.

Raju (Guntur) has three Tribal schools and six villages with orphans and widows. There are orphans in Pastor Enosh’s (Khamman) churches in forest areas and at the Peace children’s home, and Dr Hareth (West Godavari) has orphans, and others too.

The cost of a new shirt and shorts for a child is £3.50. A new sari for a destitute widow is £4. These would be wonderful presents for Christmas for them.

Help us to bring a Christmas blessing to as many of these in real need as possible? Mark it gift ‘Hope4India’, or to the Garston ‘Hope4India’ account:

Garston Community Church

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code : 30-99-21

A/C no 04076430

If we receive gifts by 13th December we can send to India in time for clothes to be purchased and distributed by Christmas.

COVID-19 CRISIS (August 2021)

The Covid-19 crisis around the world has caused major disruptions to our communities in India. As the spread of the disease increased, whole communities including adults and children succumbed to the virus, which meant that our places of ministry had to shut down. Unfortunately, because of the poverty of the people, they did not have access to masks and hand sanitisers as would have been available here in the UK. For some time, many of our pastors and their families were ill with the disease making outreach impossible. Our schools had to shut down for many months and the children were stuck at home with very little to do.

However, despite these challenges, we have been able to minister to the needs of some of our communities, who needed a helping hand.

Feeding a widow
Food for women


Our Gypsy school reopened again in July, after months of the children being at home. They did their best with minimum supply of paper and pen to do the work at home but as you can see from this picture, being back in the class is best; and being with their peers.


We have started a new sewing project for our women who are learning to sew. We are delighted to see communities being built and the coming together of these women is good; because not only are they learning to do something new but the opportunity for friendship and bonding is equally helpful.



Water Baptisms have resumed and we are baptising new believers into Christ to help them start new life. This is an act of obedience, which is very important for a believers’ walk and we are pleased that we are able to carry on under Covid-19 safe regulations.


Women with bibles

We believe that every believer should have a bible of their own; this is why we have reached out to these women and gifted them with bibles so that they can grow in their faith.

If you want to donate a bible, you can give any amount towards it. Please visit our Donations page to give.


We currently have major construction on the way including the building of a church and school in the Gunter District, led by Pastor Raju. We have just put the roof on and there remains several work to be done such as flooring; toilets; painting; doors and windows; electrical works etc. To help us fund these projects, you can help by giving any amount; please click on the link below. Thank you for your support.

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