The Sion Bible School.

Since 1996, we have been led by God to commit a proportion of our resources, prayer and ministry time to spreading the gospel in India. Initially, teaching in the Sion Bible School in Hyderabad, we embraced the vision of Sion, John Babu. This was to take the gospel to the whole of Andhra Pradesh, a state of about 80 million Telugu speaking people, 60 million of which live in rural areas. Almost, all population was Hindu, with perhaps six percent Christian at the date of independence.

Evangelism in the Village.

From visiting India to teach in the Hyderabad bible school twice a year, opportunities were given to preach in Sion churches and take evangelistic meetings and house groups, seeing God touch the lives of people coming to Christ and in being healed and delivered.

Visiting for two weeks at a time, twice a year, from the base in Hyderabad God brought us into contact with many ministries across the states. In each case, the ministries were Spirit led and outward looking, each with the clear purpose of bringing the gospel to their local area and beyond.

Church Dedication.

Now we partner with six ministries in the gospel, in what are now two states, Andhra Pradesh being built into AP and Telangana in 2017. Our ministry involves bible teaching and pastor training evangelism in villages and in crusades, church planting and church building, rescue and care of orphans and street kids, and the establishment of schools for tribal children. These activities and detailed in the following pages of this website.


The gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, and we are told clearly that signs should follow our ministry, and throughout these past twenty five years God has been faithful to His word. Thus far through these ministries we have seen thousands come to Christ and many churches established, a children’s home built for 100 plus orphans, three tribal schools established with Christian teachers. God is working with many others in these states and many have been saved, healed and delivered in the past 20 years.

Our vision

There is much more to do and our immediate vision, we wish to establish a residential bible school for 30 students on one year course in the Khammam district. Also, a centre for the 28 tribal churches so far established in the Guntur district, including a home for orphans and more Christian schools for tribal children. And several other works. But the main aim is to plant a church in each of the so far unchurched villages. A few years there were ago there were 28 thousand villages in the Telegu states of which 20 thousand did not have a single church. Presently, we are planting small churches, three or four families each, at the rate of four or five churches week.

Evening Gospel Outreach.

God is accelerating the move of his Spirit in these last days, and we to want to take every opportunity to advance His kingdom that He gives us. Will you support us in this work?