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In the rural areas of the Telegu states there are many, many orphans. As churches are established, usually starting very small, just a few converted families, the needs of orphans and widows related to those church, or known in the village, become apparent. Initially in the church, often the Pastor will take one or two […]

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Tribal School

Faith Tribal School One of the main objectives of the Garston Trust is the advancement of education. The Kings School in Harpenden was birthed in Garston, and the Fingerprints pre-school and nurseries at Garston and Hemel Hempstead also. Alongside our concerns for orphans, we had a concern for the children in Tribal villages, where there […]

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Planting Churches

Our responsibility to make disciples Behind the planning of every evangelistic outreach is the consideration of how those who comes to Christ to be discipled. Taking the gospel to unchurched villages. In our home town in Watford,UK, there are over 60 churches. In the Telugu states, where sixty million people live in rural areas, there […]

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